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How To Draw Anime Clothes

How To Draw Anime Clothes

Do your manga and anime drawings and characters lack stylish, let alone decent, clothing? Well, in this VideoJug, experienced manga illustrator Luara Watton teaches us how to draw some good, casual examples of anime clothing when drawing either males or females.

Hi! My name's Laura Watton. My website is PinkAppleJam.com.

I am the co-founder of Sweatdrop Studios and I've been illustrating in manga style for almost 15 years. Okay! This section is about drawing manga-style clothes. As you can see, I'm drawing some very rough figures of the female character and male character.

I'm basically going to pop another layer on my program here. I'm drawing clothes over these characters. Right, to start with, I'm going to show my lady in a nice flowery dress.

I'll do some very lacey details over the top. Draw around the chest area. I'm drawing some creases around here. And the detail that hangs off here. And you can see, I'm drawing some smooth lines that go from the point area.

And the area that's tightly tightened in contrast to the light flowing of the skirt. The rough silhouette basically shows that its not clingy material, so there's going to be lots of lines right there. The light material droops and gathers, for example its gathered at the neck.

And I'm going to draw some little capped sleeves that are quite floaty; you can see they're floaty because I used kind of slightly wobbly lines. And if it was skintight I would be drawing the clothes very close to the characters armpits. Yeah, but this material is very flow-y and very light.

Accessories are also nice. Your character might like spending lots of money on handbags, and so on. This character, she likes just going to the regular high-street shop and then she's off to the beach.

So I'm going to give her a very simple handbag. Its a nice sunny day, so I'm going to give her some suitable footwear. And basically when you draw character's clothing in manga, its nice to denote some detail.

Not every little stitch, not every little button, but some details to give a nice sense of bright realism, instead of just 'Hello, this character is wearing a T-shirt with some simple lines.'. Here's some very rough folds.

White furry socks so the socks won't be quite skintight.

If they were loose, they'd be quite bulky, a bit like a Japanese schoolgirl I think. The leggings that she wears are quite tight therefore I'm following the lines that I've already drawn underneath. Following the form quite closely.

So this is how to draw clothes on your manga characters. This is some loose clothing on the female and some tight clothing on the male. This is some tight clothing on the female and some loose clothing on the male.