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How To Draw Anime Feet

How To Draw Anime Feet

How To Draw Anime Feet: Laura begins with a rough sketch, which is basically simple oval or round shapes that she proceeds to shape into feet, toes and other structures of the foot's anatomy. She then shows you how to draw a variety of simple shoes for a variety of different feet. You can also learn to draw these feet and shoes for anime characters by following Laura's simple step by step detailed instructions.

Hi. My name is Laura Watton. My website is PinkAppleJam.

com. I am the co-founder of Sweatdrop Studios. I have been illustrating for myself as a realistic genius.

This next segment I am going to draw feet, I am also going to draw shoes. I've drawn a rough oval here. I've drawn his feet in here and I've joined them up.

Observe your own feet or observe your friends feet, if the weather's nice and sunny people will be taking their shoes off in the park. So, do some life drawing. Again I can't emphasize enough how good it is to fill up a sketch book.

Full of little doodles, it is a measure of how realistic you feel, because it might be a really beautiful help. Here are some toes, your character's going to have painted toenails. A baby's foot wouldn't be as long here, this is very much a teenager's or adult's foot put in proportion of things, probably be quite sturdy, the sphere would be as round as the oval, and the toes would probably also be a little sturdier, too.

I think a male foot would be a lot more structured, a lot more muscle toned. Perhaps a little wider over here, a little more ornate, a little wider, whereas a woman's foot, so atypically, would be a lot more slender, I feel. Perhaps a thinner ankle, not as muscular.

Details like painted toenails and so on. We use different types of feet for people who wear different types of footwear. If you were going to have a more chunky foot, I think, drawing a rough outline of the foot shape and then drawing the shoe around it is probably the best way to go. A woman's foot, someone who would wear high heels.

which basically places the weight on the ball of the foot.

So, this heel would match where the ball of the foot is. The sole went up, there we go. There is a quick and rough copy to join shoes for your Manga character.