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How To Draw Anime Hairstyles

How To Draw Anime Hairstyles

Anime figures are the new craze. They are in short films, comics, and even in books and articles. The process of drawing anime hair is particular but simple with instruction. To learn how to draw anime hair watch this video and hone your skills.

In this video I'll be teaching you how to draw anime hairstyles. When drawing anime hair, first start off by drawing a rough guideline of the head shape. So, we have a circle, a center line, and a line for where the top of the eyes - the eye sockets - are supposed to go.

You've got the overall shape of the head. You know sort of where the character is looking. The nose and mouth would go roughly about there; the eyes about there.

The thing is, when you are drawing anime hair, really make an effort to put the hair on top as if you are putting a wig on top of a mannequin. A very distinctive style of anime hair is lots and lots of spikes. Also, the way you shade it is very distinct to anime, even above Manga.

For example, say you've got this spikey hairstyle, which is a crop kind of thing. Lets start it in the middle. Now the thing is, when you are drawing hair always think about where the hair is coming from first of all.

Where is the origin? Where are the partings? All of your strokes come from there. See how you have to leave quite a large amount above and over the head. So all of the strokes are to like as if they are coming from the center of the head.

I am not drawing every single strand of hair. Try to draw overall shapes with a few loose strands here and there. Now what makes it look particularly anime, even above Manga, is the way you shade the hair.

You use spikes because with anime it is all about gearing it for animation and keeping things looking very simple and very striking. So with Manga you can afford to be a little bit more complicated because you are only drawing it once for a comic, but anime refers to animation so you are going to have to speed up the process a little bit. So, when you are shading hair draw spikey sort of high lights.

Do your shading and highlights in spikes because ultimately that saves you a lot of time. If you define all of these areas, because the spikes help to keep the texture of the hair, it still makes it look like hair, and then all you have to do is colour in the bits that you haven't marked out. I've got that marked out over there.

Then it is just a matter of shading in the bits outside of the highlights. What you are doing is taking a short cut to give the impression of hair without taking too long in doing so. You do not need to worry about doing many levels of shading.

You only have to worry about several levels of shading, you are only doing maybe two, maximum of three levels of shading for basic anime style. And that is how you draw anime hairstyles.