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How To Draw Anime Mouths

How To Draw Anime Mouths

Anime and manga are one of the most interesting things to draw! You can change the appearance of a character by simply changing the shape of the character's mouth or even altering it's eyes slightly. Watch this VideoJug film and enjoy Laura Watton's easy way to bring your character's expression to life in 2 minutes!

Hi, my name is Laura Watton, and my website is pinkapplejam.com. I am the co-founder of Sweatdrop Studios and have been illustrating in manga style for almost 15 years.

Ok, in this section I am going to demonstrate a couple of examples of manga mouths. As you can see, I've drawn a rough, rough facial structure of the character. The mouth on its own doesn't have to convey expression.

You can use the shape of the eyes, the eyebrows, the shape of the face even. All these characteristics all add up to what expression your character is trying to convey. For example, the general happy mouth looks like a bit of an upside down triangle.

You can draw your characters teeth, you can draw your character with tongue, you can even draw the row of teeth underneath! This is a moderately sad face. She's probably had some bad news. Maybe she didn't pass that exam after all.

You know, she's disappointed. Got rid of that. If this exam was something that her life really depended on, she could really raise her eyebrows quite high.

Her pupils would be quite small. And I think, she might be gasping, and she might be a bit embarrassed of how bad she failed her exams. She could be showing her teeth.

She could have some tears in her eyes to denote just how upset she was. She thought that she won the lottery and she absolutely did not. Eyes would be closed, her mouth would be quite wide.

Her eyes would be completely, completely crushed, squeezing tightly shut, probably crying. My expressions, mainly using the mouth but also emphasizing the emotions using eyes and eyebrows. .