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How To Draw Bubble Letters

How To Draw Bubble Letters

This VideoJug film shows you step by step processes in drawing bubble letters. So just follow the guidelines and make your own round and bubbly letters.

I'm Mik, Mik Brown from mikoillustrations.com and miko-cartoon.com.

Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a few objects and now, I'm going to show you how to draw bubble letters. I like to think of the most, more of a balloon-shape because if you, you know, this is a nice or simple drawing of a balloon, inflated balloon. So such things round as connected with a balloon kind of shape.

So just draw 'M' which for my name, why not? And then surround it, all nice and rounded shapes and another rounded shape. And then, separate them up in a bit and put the 'I'. I tend to put one alphabet over another one, which is kind of quite nice rather than being two separate letters.

So another round, another round and then, finally, this round. It's quite nice, sort of looks nice and bubbly, lots of lines in this one again and a curve with that. And nice and round in putting these, these little shapes and the corners where the letters join.

It makes the same again, nice and round and bubbly like a balloon. I think that's if you are thinking about a balloon that you are lettering up. So you draw your letter in that.

So, I think to draw a few little highlights on it on that lettering, just to finish it off, outside little reflection here and here. Imagine a little light shining down in this direction and light's reflection on bubbles and balloons. And that's how we draw balloon lettering. .