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How To Draw Cartoon Fish

How To Draw Cartoon Fish

Do you fancy you've got a little bit of an artist in you? Take four minutes out to draw a cute little cartoon fish with Freelance Cartoonist Mark Wood. Make your kids watch it, too!

I am going to show you how to draw a cartoon fish. Basically, you want to start with a similar shape to a rugby ball. So, we just rough out that, and this is going to be basically the rough shape you want.

We'll be changing slight areas of it when we work on the picture itself, but this is going to be the shape that you're going to want originally. Now, inside here, we are going to do a couple of oval shapes which are going to represent the fish's eyes and we do a circle in the middle. These are going to be the pupils, and we should do a couple of little lines above.

It's got raised eyebrows. Now, where you've got the oval shape comes around like this, you're going to come round, and you're going to come in near the bottom, and you're going to come up for a smiley mouth, like that. Now, from here, the oval carries on, but you don't really want to use this line because that's to sort of thicken this one up so you can see where we are going.

But you are going to want to come down off of that line here, so I'll make it a little darker, so you can see, and then you come along and up and here, you want to come and we shall just make the rugby a little longer and we shall make it a bit thinner like that. So, you have got the basic shape of a fish. Now, we are going to do the fins, so we are going to do the tail first.

So, you come like a shape like that is going to be the tail. And once you got the shape that you want, then we shall just put a little few lines in like that. Now, here, when you are near the mouth, let me do just a line there; we are here and we shall put the fin on the bottom.

So, we shall come down in a curvy line, more or less straight back up or you could come in a little bit like that if you prefer, depending on what type of fish you want to draw. Now, on the top, you do basically the same thing again as you've done on the bottom, but you can make it a little bit longer and we are going to go like that. Once you've got the sort of the shape of fish you want, then you can just put a few lines in here, just to show the fins and the same on the bottom, your gill there.

When you want to do the actual work for the scales on the fish, what we need to do is just do little marks, like those. They don't need to be in a line or anything like that. Just do them at random on the fish.

Fill them in and just work towards the tail, like that. Now, obviously, the fish is going to be in water so you are going to want to show that, you've got the air bubbles coming out, so you just do a few circles here. You should do a smaller one and a bigger one and one for one that's bigger.

You just do a little square just to show a little light reflecting and if you want, you can just put a few lines around the fish to show up any movement and a line underneath, and just do a little bit of seaweed or something on the bottom like that. And that's how you draw a cartoon fish. .