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How To Draw Cartoon People

How To Draw Cartoon People

Done by a professional illustrator, this video provides a very fun and easy way to learn to draw a simple cartoon character for the novice drawer.

I'm going to show you how to draw cartoon people and I'm going to do quite a lively, dynamic figure for you today. So, it's all a series of circles in order to get the shapes right. So, we're going to do a circle for the head.

Okay, now, we are going to do the hands in more detail. So, we're going to add a shape, two shapes for the thumb and with fingers, try to get out of your head that they're fingers because the minute you do that, it tends to freeze people up and they have major problems. Think of them as individual shapes.

So, get it out of your head that you're drawing a hand. Same with the other hand, we need an oval for the main part of the thumb. The first finger is actually kind of tucked behind that thumb.

We've got the other finger here. Again, I'm just doing them as long shapes, really. I'm now going to indicate where I want, how I want the face turned.

So, he's turned, he's looking this way a little bit, and then a couple of basic shapes for the ears, and at the moment, he hasn't got any feet so let's give our character some feet. I might just do two shapes for the feet and two, four, five. Let's count the feet and then the other foot, and obviously, all your shapes are going to be overlapping which is why I am drawing them very fairly lightly because obviously I do want them to kind of disappear in the end.

Now, we're going to concentrate on the face a little bit more and we're going to give him a nice big button nose and some little button eyes and some eyebrows and a huge shape which is actually going to become a moustache in the end, and then we're going to add in the ears, and I'm going to make him bald. Let's make him even more fun with little sprigs of hair sticking out a little bit. Okay, next, I'm actually going to draw the detailing of the moustache.

Draw around the outside of all our various shapes and link them together. Next, let's give him some nipples. Next, we're going to give him a pair of swimming trunks, a pair of old fashioned Victorian looking swimming trunks just for a bit of fun, really.

Now, when you do the legs of the trunks, remember, again, although it's a cartoon, you've still got to base in reality so you don't want to just draw a line across the leg. You actually want the opening of the trunks to appear to go around the leg. That gives your drawing form and it's very important.

Same with the other trunk, you go round the leg. I think he's sweating because of the situation he's in, so he's not too happy. Let's just define the hands a little bit more.

Alright, so, then a couple of whiz lines because he's busy flying through the air. Now, we need to define the toes a little bit more because they're looking a little bit lost, and then I would very carefully rub out some of the original guidelines. Obviously, I've lost bits of it so I just need to get those back, and let's just define that a bit more.

And there's our cartoon character just created out of a series of circles and ovals. .