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How To Draw Chibi Characters

How To Draw Chibi Characters

In this video, we learn how to draw a chibi character.

Hi. I'm Kyle. I'm an illustrator and I am going to take you through tips on drawing Manga and Chibi.

Okay, I'm going to show you how to draw Chibi characters. It's really easy. Chibi is basically almost a method of caricature.

So I'm just going to start of with the head here. The head will end up being absolutely massive compared to the rest of the body. Bringing in just couple of lines there.

Think about where the neck attaches on. It needs to be quite childlike looking character and often Chibi characters where as a human body is usually about seven heads tall. Chibi characters' usually about three tops.

So just going to pull the body there. Of course, the head looks absolutely out-portion which is really the point. Just to put in the hips there.

Very simple shapes, the legs. Just put in nice white stands, see here. idea.

Brighten that wide, not to worry. Just knocking the joints for you so you can see how that works. The feet often simplify to very small symbols really.

Space that all out. Don't worry too much about muscle definition or trying to think about and as me too much this is really just a very simple low characters' style. The hands, you very rarely even see thing is drawing properly with Chibi characters, you just get that sort of divide between the two sets of fingers and the thumb and that's that.

So I draw the reverse on the hand, back of the other. Just like little things just showing the tips of the fingers there on each one. Nothing much.

The face will be, if I'm honest, mostly eye. So we'll just go knocking very simply as there, marking where the eyes are, slightly less just in between the eyes of these characters, really big eyes. I'll link that one, wasn't very good.

Okay. Now that comes together there. Put some attention there too.

You should not put a nose in baby-like or childlike nose, put shading on the inside there. A simple little mouth. Last bit of detail.

Big cagey eyes. And that's the basics of how the body looks.