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How To Draw Face Proportions

How To Draw Face Proportions

In this video from VideoJug, visual artist Nelson Ferreira shows us how to draw human faces. There are certain universal proportions to be considered common when drawing a human face.

So, when you draw human faces, there are a few almost universal proportions that you should bear in mind and pay close attention as you draw. For example, usually the gap between both the eyes tends to be almost the same size of the eye itself. That means we do one, two, three.

In that way, you will be able to draw both eyes with the right proportion. The corners of the mouth tend to be in line with the middle of the eye. So, again, wherever the middle of the eye is going to sit, you know that if you trace a line down, you will get to the corner of the mouth.

The same happens with the corner of the nose, the nostril cover. The inside part of it tends to be in line with the inside corners of the eye. Another universal proportion that is quite handy is when you have from corner of the eye to the back of the ear; this distance tends to be the same as from corner of the eye all the way down to the jaw.

This is almost universally the same for everyone. As you draw, remember that from eyes to chin, roughly in the middle, you have the bottom of the nose. And then if you divide this in two again, the lips will be slightly higher up.

The bottom of the ear tends to be in line with this part of the lips, the upper lip. And the top of the ear tends to be in line with the eyebrows. So, next time, you draw human faces, please pay attention to these proportions.

If they are in there, draw them as they are. If not, it's an exception to the rule. There are many exceptions and then you shouldn't draw them.

You should draw what you see. And that is how to draw human faces. .