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How To Draw Flowers Step By Step

How To Draw Flowers Step By Step

This video describes step-by-step from a professional illustrator how to draw an imaginative flower. Simbie Yau takes you through every part of drawing a flower, but also gives you the freedom of adding your own touches, and making a beautiful, original design.

Hi, I'm Simbie Yau. I'm an illustrator and graduated from the University of Lincoln. Today, I'm just going to be showing you how to draw objects.

We've got one flower here now, so, I'll draw something else - just an inventive flower that I've used. Drawing the center of the flower, just again, using a rough guideline with a pencil, and I'll be going over this again in pen. Just placing petals, wherever you feel comes natural for you.

The best thing about flowers is you can be very inventive. So that will be the basic outline, now go back to pen. I'm just using normal fine liner pens.

This is a slightly thicker pen, now I'll use a thinner one. I'm just drawing the petals in sections as I'm going around. Now we'll be adding a bit more detail, just a few more stamens, and adding a few more little details around here.

Generally, I go around and just make really random shapes and be quite creative with it. Now just add a few leaves, I just fill them up with a few more lines inside. I like doing flowers just because I don't find them very restricting.

You just go wherever you feel natural and comfortable really. I'll just use a thicker pen and add a stem, which wouldn't necessarily be realistic, just have a swirl here, and add more leaves. So that's another flower.

If I was to take this further by just dotting in a few more textures, I do this just to sort of color it in with watercolors on top. In the center, you'd have a few more dots, and as you go out, I let them go few and far between, and this applies to the rest of the petals. Just a few finishing touches and that's how you draw a flower. .