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How To Draw Fruit

How To Draw Fruit

A portrait of fruit has long been a fundamental drawing amongst artists everywhere. Join illustrator Mik Brown as he shows you how to both draw fruit and improve your overall drawing skills.

Begin with a lot of drawing, we start with something circular. Obviously, fruit is often circular. Let's do one obvious circular round fruit which is an apple, of course, that's the obvious one.

So, begin with a round and just keep on going over the circle and emphasizing. Go over the bits you think are right. I'm not going off there at a different angle, but all these pencil lines actually do look quite nice.

I'll just put that leaf on this apple as well. Add these little veins. And again, just sort of draw a pear, shall we say.

Just help with this one, we'll do it with these two circles because we can join up two circles to make that pear shape. That I'd use a lot in drawing, and most people do that, the circles or squares or whatever, just to make constructing a drawing just a little bit easier. You can't really do that with a banana but let's give it a go.

We've got a sort of, bad kind of banana shape. I can't think of any other word to describe a banana. Again, you need to begin these sorts of initial pencil outlines.

Let's try a few round grapes, one behind the other, or if you find it easier, just draw them all the way around quite lightly, and then darken off the ones behind. Now, let's draw that one and that one, and on to the front and a solitary one here. Let's put a little bit of shading behind it.

Actually, let's draw a bit of an orange. Now, that would be interesting, I think. There we go, here's a semi-circle of the orange and there's the peel.

That's the great thing about these pencils like this; you don't have to keep sharpening them. And then of course, you've got the inside of the orange. It'd be nice if you put some juice, too.

Now, I think I could go over these darker with a darker pencil. Add a bit of shade, and obviously, normally, I would show you all of it and I can indicate the shine by indicating a reflection like that if you know what I mean. That sort of indicates a reflection of light.

And again, do this with the grapes down here, and let's add a bit more juice here, why not, and let's put them on a table cloth. There we go, that adds a bit of still life, and that is how to draw some fruit. .