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How To Draw Funny Cartoons

How To Draw Funny Cartoons

In this video, Mik Brown shows you how to draw funny animal cartoons by using simple ideas and a little bit of wild imagination.

Hi, my name is Mik, Mik Brown. M-i-k-o hyphen dot com. I'm a cartoonist, and I'm going to show you how to draw some cartoons.

Let's have fun. Now I'm going to show you how to draw funny cartoons. Well, funny cartoons - well that's a tough one.

Hopefully, every cartoon is funny - and in this one it's supposed to be - maybe just the character is funny but you've got to think of an idea and it's very difficult, so. I like drawing animals, sheep are quite fun to do so we're thinking about sheep. What's so special about sheep? Well, they don't wear glasses so let's put a pair of glasses on the sheep.

Well, that looks a little bit different, so hopefully it's a little bit funny. What else is there for the sheep? They live in the fields, they're woolly, you get. jumpers are knitted from wool, of course. How about that for an idea? It's actually nice doing the wool like that - now that's a good idea.

Now what about a sheep knitting herself a woolly jumper? There we go. So the big smile on her face. So again, just very simple odd cartoon. So we have standing up there in the field, knitting a one woolen jumper.

So. we've got knitting needles together. And there we have it, that's how to draw funny cartoons.