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How To Draw Graffiti Characters

How To Draw Graffiti Characters

How To Draw a Graffiti Cartoon Character - In this video, G from the Graffiti Kings explains and shows you a simple way to draw a graffiti style cartoon character. Easy enough for even beginners!

Hi there my name's G. I'm from the Graffiti Kings. We're based in London and I'm going to show you some tips and techniques that will turn you into a bonafide graffiti writer in no time at all.

Ok how to draw graffiti cartoon characters. Characters that have that urban twist and that graffiti flavor. Take this guy here for example.

Very important. The mouth we don't want looking too happy. It's supposed to be gritty.

It's meant to be urban. A couple little sprays make sure the mouth is downwards. The nose very very simple to produce.

Just a little just a little kind of movement resting. Glasses therefore you don't have to draw eyes. Actual cheeks quite large.

Little neck coming out. They got hair and there you go. You look like a 1970's New York graffiti style cartoon character that will take you about 2 minutes to draw.

That is how to draw a graffiti cartoon character.