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How To Draw Graffiti Names

How To Draw Graffiti Names

Now you can make your name in graffiti with these simple tips and tricks to help you out.

This is Julian from Graffiti King's and we are going to show you how to do graffiti names sketched out. Alright, start off with a pen and a paper, or pencil and paper. This what I am going to draw and this is where everything could start, is with a pencil and a paper.

So you know make your mistakes or attest workout your masterpiece here. I am going to start off with a name, let's just take the name Dave. Dave would love that.

Alright, I‘ve always got in mind which kind of letter style I am going to use. But I can go with over lapses as well because I'll know when I'll finish in it, or if I do need to colour a bolder or an outline, I will see which lines to lead in it and which lines to take out. If I use a rubber, I could rub this out, but at the moment it is just about the concept so the main thing is just keeping the movement, keeping it fluid and down here I'll go against my normal bubble star.

I like that, and so this is where you should have the most freedom really, because it is literally just pencil and paper, but I'll add some. You know, I could draw some of the ad on coming off. That way I might say actually I want this to be taller.

I always normally start off, sketchy start of really soft, and then go in. You know you look at it and you're thinking this bit could be longer. Decide which letter overlaps the other letter.

And similarly again I want this over lapping there. So even at this stage you can see how it's taken shape. It's like you know you have got the soft field and then there are bit's that kind of go off with a little more freedom, but each important letters has got its points where you recognize where you can see exactly right back.

This is definitely a D, kept in the same principles of having it quite clear, of what separates each letter from another. Then hopefully it should be relatively straightforward to read. Obviously that is my main objective.

But yes, still keep on moving certain stuff that I am really comfortable with. So at this stage they will be my basic letters for the four. I am happy with that.

I might be planning to do a big piece, I might be planning even to design a canvas or a fee. Then I'll just start indicating where I want the 3D to go. You just stick with the basic, the heavy black 3D, on quite think black outline.

So at the moment I am not deciding about the colour but it's just basically about the look. I'm comfortable with my outline so then it's just getting the 3D in it. It's just to bring it off the background, whatever the back ground may end up being.

I'll just rotate just to make a quick shade. Yes, I don't really want to dilly dally too much, just once you've got the basic idea this piece should be quick . When you know where you put your 3d drop, just have it all looking quite consistent .

Just so that you can already see like you were piecing this, you could be deciding “Do I really want it even to be black?” I could use another color, this could be dark filled or this could be an all dark background, and this could be one colour like a light colour standing off in the dark back. It's got the trade mark black shadow which most people will recognize and a lot of times the letters won't even take that pop off. It won't have that weight into it until you put the black shadow in it.

So I think it is essential. Plus it's quick once you've got a basic idea where the 3D goes, normally it goes slightly off to the side. As our planning sketch, this would be something I really do much more than this.

Here you go, but that might be because I love bubbles, I love to put clouds on everything . Right, just begin a dedication to my mate Dave. He will look at it and be “Okay”.

It's got the basics, I didn't leave anything out. I could turn the stuff and put arrows in it but this is a basic graffiti name and I hope Dave likes it. And that's it - there is your graffiti name.