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How To Draw Graffiti People

How To Draw Graffiti People

Doing graffiti and drawing might be considered as two completely different ideas by some. But little do they know how closely they are related. This video shows you how to draw a person with a can of paint.

Hai there, my name is G. I am from The Graffiti Kings, We are based in London, and I am going to show you some tips and techniques that will turn you into a bonafide graffiti writer in no time at all. How to draw people using graffiti tool, spray paint.

Think of it like drawing a character on a piece of paper, sketching with a pencil, but the spray can is your tool. All the same techniques that go into drawing, go into drawing with a spray can. Let us take the eyeball for example, we all know what human eyeball looks like.

It is nice gentle strokes, nothing too major. Just couple of inches at a time and there you go. A fairly very realistic look.

And its very nice fade. Make sure you keep on moving the can very very gently, and sketch as if you would with a pen, a pencil, with a paint brush. Exactly the same techniques but using a can of paint.

That is how to draw a face of a graffiti person.