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How To Draw Hello Kitty

How To Draw Hello Kitty

This video shows a freelance cartoonist talking through the process of sketching the cartoon character Hello Kitty. A few easy steps and nice instructions allows you to draw your own cartoon at the same time as he does.

Hello, my name's Jamie Sale. I'm a freelance cartoonist from Essex, and I'm going to be teaching you how to draw cartoons. We're going to learn how to draw Hello Kitty.

Now to draw Hello Kitty, we first of all start with the head and we build a basic head shape, kind of an oblong shape to represent the head. Obviously, Hello Kitty has triangular shaped ears so we draw those in as well. She's got two little dots for eyes which need to be shaded in, then her nose and whiskers on either side of the face.

Hello Kitty also has a flower coming out of her head. This can be a little bit tricky to draw but it doesn't matter if it's not 100%. Then we draw the body.

To draw the body, I again basically draw shapes. So these represent the feet. This foot is actually kicking out slightly, so it needs to go slightly further up the body than this one which is the leg she's balanced on.

She's wearing sort of a vest top as well. These little circles here represent her hands. And that is basically how you draw Hello Kitty before you start pencilling it in to define the shapes and features.

Within the hands, she has small thumbs which are basically small lumps you need to draw on the outside of the hand. The eyes and the nose could actually have been a little bit lower, but practice makes perfect. And that's how you draw Hello Kitty. .