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How To Draw Legs

How To Draw Legs

How to Draw Legs: This Video Jug film teaches you how to draw a leg, in simple steps. Through this easy to follow steps, learn how to give height and depth to your drawings. So, come and enjoy these techniques to draw a leg and give some height and depth to your drawing skills.

Hello, I am Di Roberts from the Insight School of Art, and I am going to show you some simple drawing exercises and I hope you enjoy them. I want to show you how to draw a leg. Let's start at the top.

Imagine that the model is wearing knickers, swimming costume and it gives you the curve at the top of the thigh, as a starting point. The top part of the leg is thicker and longer than the lower part of the limb. The knee cuts off between the two parts of the leg.

The inside of the calf is slightly shorter and curved than the outside and then the foot, as a wedge shape, comes out to the front. Quite simple! Quite chunky thighs, even if you are working from a slim model, the thighs will always be wider than the calf, and this bone is the longest bone of the body. So, you need to really think height and depth.

The knee, you can work in to some shading there, and if you want to start with shading, think of the muscles and how the curve of the muscles will follow the curve of the leg, and therefore, you want a nice, long feel to the muscle. Lighter the front, darker the sides, to give you the idea of depth and roundness and do the same with the thigh. Get rid of the outside line and shade under the knee, same with the inner part of the thigh.

Get rid of that line. Obviously depending on whether your model is clothed or in the nude. You can still think the basic shape is this long lean feel going into the knee, coming out again for the calf, and that's basically how to draw a leg.