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How To Draw Mickey Mouse

How To Draw Mickey Mouse

Cartoons may or may not be your thing but with this video, you can now draw classic Mickey very easily.

Hello, my name is Jamie Sale. I'm a freelance cartoonist from Essex and I'm going to be teaching you on how to draw cartoons. This is how you draw Mickey Mouse.

We're going to draw his whole body. So first, we start with his head, make sure that you leave enough room underneath it for his body. This part is going to be his nose and that's going to be the tip of his nose.

Draw his big famous ears, one and two. This circle is used just a guide for when you're actually drawing because if you use them as they are, they could end up looking wrong. So, we are going to build his mouth now.

So form his nose, we just go down and so back up again and put his tongue in. this is his bottom lip here. It's going to wind into a part of his nose.

We'll get the shape of his hair which goes around like this. This way, you know exactly where to put his eyes and they're kind of an oblong shape. The pupils are always at the bottom.

Okay, so we've got his basic head in there, we've got to come back to that when we go over it. We now do his body. This is going to be the part of his belly, you know, and then joins up to his face.

And then, we're going to do his legs. So where his legs are, just draw two sticks coming out his body and you draw quite large circles to eventually represent his feet. And one of his hands is going to be here and the other one is going to be here.

And then again with the arms, join them up to the body and then we can have the detail on the body. Start with the shorts first, he doesn't wear a t-shirt, so draw some shorts in like this. Make sure it's sort of quite generous to his legs so his legs can stick out of it, and then with the shoes, we just need sort of a little ring-type shape around the ankles because this sure is facing beneath the line there to show that it's facing from the front.

We do his shoes on this side from a side angle. We do his two circles there almost the same size as his eyes. So for his hands, this can be a bit tricky to draw.

With the hands, make sure you get the palm there and this part of the palm would develop into a thumb that goes around like that, and this part of the thumb here sort of circles that goes in slightly and comes out again and this makes up his little finger, his middle finger and his forefinger which meets up with the thumb eventually. We just put a line there to independently ease the air inside of his hand and that makes up his glove. And then similar on the other side as well, this is the little finger, this is his middle finger, his forefinger, and don't forget that it is a glove as well, so it means that when you tighten it around, it has to make his hands.

Alright, we're going to go over his face now. So, we do his eyes first and shade in those pupils. With his nose, we draw the nose with another little circle inside and you ought to leave that bit white initially than the rest where it's reflected.

And then, the other eye, the nose comes around there. So basically, we just go in with drawing everything. And when you're happy with that, just put some eyebrows and that's when you shade all the bite bits.

So for Mickey, it's going to be this part here and it's going to be his body which goes in his hands and his legs here. Once you've done that, don't forget to add in his tail, and that's how you draw Mickey Mouse.