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How To Draw Minnie Mouse

How To Draw Minnie Mouse

Jamie Sale gives you this accurate tutorial on how to draw Minnie Mouse. Watch this film and let Sale direct you step by step and draw it with you.

Hello, my name is Jamie Sale and I am a freelance cartoonist from Essex, and I am going to be teaching you how to draw cartoons. I'm going to show you how to draw Minnie Mouse. First thing you start with is the basic head shape here which is obviously circular, one of those here, and drawing it here anyway, although it is more than likely going to be obscured by the bow on her head, but at least you know where it is for proportion.

Then I'm going to draw her nose, she's going to have a circle that goes there. Then we start to pencil in more detail so her mouth, this bottom line runs into her mouth and that goes up to here like that. It comes out and around, and this part is her bottom lip.

We're going to draw in her eyes, they're quite sort of a really squashed circle, two of them. Once you've done the eyes, the outline of the eyes, you're going to draw in the pupils which are inside the eyes but more to the right. Minnie also has eyelashes here, and then you add in the hair type shape here.

It just goes around and there is sort of a spike there pointing downwards. The ends of her mouth, just mark it off, and then the tongue. Then finally we add the bow, so sort of draw a circle there, and a big bow beside that, then on the other side.

So that's basically Minnie Mouse. Then, you just pencil in everything a little harder. Once you've done then, you can then shade in all the black bits, but before you do that with the nose, if you draw another circle within the nose, that represents a reflection so you can shade around it. And that's how you draw Minnie Mouse! .