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How To Draw Pretty Manga Girl

How To Draw Pretty Manga Girl

This VideoJug goes over a basic run-through of how to draw a manga/chibi-style pretty girl face. Learn about the specific details that go specifically into drawing the pretty girl, or shojo style face.

Hi, I'm Kyle, I'm an illustrator, and I'm going to take you through some tips in drawing manga and chibi. Right, I'm going to show you how to draw manga in your own unique style, and to help do that, I'm going to take you through a few of the big overarching styles that you get in Japanese manga. And we'll start here with the pretty girl.

I think, forgive my poor pronounciation, but I think this one is known as the shojo in Japan. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. So I'm just starting out, with a big old circle there.

I'm actually going to bring in the jaw line a little bit tighter than I would do if I was drawing a, drawing another manga face, or any face for that matter, and bringing these in this way. You're going to get a lot more roundness and softness and really just looking for real cuteness with this character, well this style of character, rather. Okay, so thinking about where the neck meets on there, we'll keep the neck quite slender.

Okay, so I'm going to start by marking out where the eyes are. Now, with pretty girl characters, the eyes tend to be massive, really really big, full of little sparkly reflections, and really just to try and sell the cuteness of the character. So, nice and big, there.

Still a nice distance between the eyes just to keep it in proportion. Now, the nose will be about there, and the nose is actually really quite small and not a negligible detail, but it's really just something that's a bit by the by. We'll come to it when we come to it though.

I'm just going to mark out just about where the mouth is going to be. Let's come back up to the eyes. Like I said, they need to be really really big.

So, I'm just going to mark out these eyes. Just as it comes back in, think about, especially when you've got the top in on this part, think about where that little corner comes down on the diagonal. Now, with these characters, the iris and the pupil tend to be, like, they can be quite big and round, or, you know, if, especially with this sort of style of eye, quite thin.

Even really incredibly thin. So I'm actually just going to try doing one of those sort of ellipse, think ellipse eyes. You don't want to make it too thin, you'll make the character look quite feline, unless you're drawing one of those cat-girl sort of characters, then I guess that kind of works.

Just going to mark out where the pupil is. I'm just going to draw in the nose. So like I said, they're often very small, not negligible, but just a little symbol in here, just showing where the shadow of the nose falls.

You're just going to draw the mouth here. We're just sketching things out. Think about the point of the - going to put a big open-mouthed smile.

Okay, I'm just going to finish off by working on the hair here. Think about where the hairline is. Not quite, I made her a little too short on the top of the head there, not to worry.

Just think about where the parting is going to be, where the hairline's going to be, and where the crown is. Just I'm just going to give this character some pigtails. And that's how to draw pretty girl character. .