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How To Draw Shoes

How To Draw Shoes

Watch and learn as Mik Brown, professional cartoonist and illustrator, guides you through drawing a shoe, in this case, a trainer. From laces to sole, you'll learn everything you need to draw a shoe you wish you could wear.

Now, I'm going to show you how to draw a shoe. What could I say, how to draw a shoe? Well, let's again start off with the light, light pencil, pencil lines just to get the sort of general shape, something like that. It's quite difficult, surprisingly difficult to draw shoes and I really don't know why but they are.

So, let's carry on with the pencil lines just to get the feel of the shoe, just the sort of basic shape and I suppose actually, what I'm drawing here are trainers but yeah, trainers are shoes, I guess. In fact, I'm sure they are. Let's thicken up that sole, laces, eyelets, just a sort of a few lines just to sort of indicate the lace, there we are.

Tidy those up in a bit but that's general, general idea. That's the tongue, high tongue in this case. Bring that right down now.

Now, it comes to refine that line, just move things around if it's needed to just finish off. In fact, I'm just going to go over it with a finer heavier pencil. Getting there, don't really, really have to draw detailed, not at all, just a sort of, again, just to indicate.

Tongue in there and other side of the shoe there, just to indicate that and getting that shape right, isn't it? It's a little bit thicker at the sole, a bit thicker at the back, a bit of a design on that actually, it's really creating a shape like this. The shoe, you can actually put whatever design you like on, start designing your own, your own trainers, quite a fun thing to do, I think, there we go. I might add a little bit, just a bit of shading, won't do too much, I think.

The design, whatever design you're going to put on there, and that's how to draw a shoe. .