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How To Draw Stick Figures

How To Draw Stick Figures

This video will help improve your stick figure drawings like it's being done by a professional illustrator.

I'm Mik, Mik Brown from Miko-illustration.com and Miko-Cartoon.com.

And now, I'm going to show you how to draw some stick figures. Of course, we start with the head and it's a round circle, a normal straight body, then one upper arm and forearm, another upper arm and forearm and the hands. There, let's bend this for the leg and the knee, and one leg and a foot, and just a foot.

We can improve this with the eyes there, and then the nose and the mouth and hair. We can try another stick shape. This time we're going to sort of put shoulders on and that is the other hand, other arm and fingers there as well.

Then hips here going down, and a foot there. But we put the eyes high up there, the nose there, ears there. Now, we just sort of add to that again a nice round shape again for the head, and instead of doing the stick, we'll put the stick in here, put the shoulders in here, put the hips down.

Let's make a natural body now, so we've got the arm attached to the shoulders and for that arm, put again two lines to double up. Now, we can put the forearm in, two lines there instead of the one line, and the hands here like that. Very good hand, but let's try that and just add the fingers around the hand.

Now let's put the hips here so the hips just move very easily to one side. Let's put the lines down there and below the knees. So again, let's join those up, the thigh now which is slightly bigger than the leg.

And then we'll fill in the foot. Let's put another eye on there, eyebrows, there. So we try that one more time, starting with a round circle and similar stick figure.

Often, we draw the stick figure first, then after, the rest, the arm from the shoulder, put that arm down this way. Hips, again draw a face there, again put a neck here, and just a little roughing up there where the clothes crease a little bit, where the trousers crease on the knees, and the shoes. So that's how to draw a stick character and then you can sort of vary that shape with more practice.