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How To Draw The Human Body

How To Draw The Human Body

This is a way of drawing the human form following a system of drawing eight heads and marking out body parts at the right point and putting in the details later.

Okay, next, I am going to show you basic anatomy of the human figure and we are going to use a ruler, a pencil and a rubber. And first of all, we are going to draw a line down the center of the page. Right, so then, we are going to mark off the top of the head and at this point, decide on the size of the figure by the size of the head.

So, that sort of decides that of the head. So, we are just going to do a simple oval shape for the moment for the head. Now, the head goes into the body eight times anatomically.

So what we need to do next is using a pencil to measure off the top of the head to the base and then mark down, that's the first head. So, that's two. I am out of pencil lead, let's do that again.

That's two, three, four, eight. Now, we'll just draw a line down the bottom so we know what that represents. Okay, mark out half way point for the eyes and indeed that's going to be the ears as well.

Then, a halfway point for the nose and a halfway point for the mouth, so then two-thirds of the way up of the next mark, you've made for the head, draw a line across. That's roughly where the shoulders are going to be. Okay? So, you are just going to draw a line across like this.

The next key point is the hips, which is one, two and a bit for the hips. I'll just double check. It's actually one, two and a half actually, that makes it easier to remember, one, two and a half, which is there so we just mark across for that.

Okay? And then, for the knees, it's here, which is two heads up from the bottom. That's for the knees. Okay, now the width of the shoulders is exactly a head and a head.

So that's nice and easy. So let's just get the head measurement again for this, so that's three and three. Everything is measured by the head in the human body.

So next, we can draw in the indication of the neck, maybe a downward slope for the shoulders. The chest is roughly the next head down. So, we can mark across for the chest and the top of the lower part of the stomach is the next head.

So, it all measures out perfectly, really, across the figure. Now, the length of an arm from the shoulder to the tip of the finger is exactly three heads. So I am going to make a mark here and create one arm outstretched.

So I am going to draw it like this, so it's three centimetres we measured, so that's one, two, three. That's the end of the arm. Now, I am going to do the other arm coming downwards like this, same thing again, so it's one, two, three for the tip agai, okay.

So we have got a few guidelines now for what we are doing, the shoulder area comes across much so and then we can indicate a top like this. So, indeed, the base of the stomach is roughly here and it just so happens that the testicles come roughly where the next mark of the head would be roughly, okay? So, we put that in. So, we'll also do the sides.

You know all of this could be adjusted later if it's not quite right. Now, for the arm, the first head mark is roughly where the elbow is going to come. Obviously, I am roughing this out, quite loosely for you, same on the outstretched arm.

So, the arm has been muscled just here under the arm; on a man, you need to. Obviously, on a woman as well, but it's emphasised more on a man, and then the forearm comes down and just passed the next mark for the head that we created earlier. So because the rest is the hand, now for the hand at this stage, I am just going to do this sort of shape on the end, okay, and an oval shape for the thumb base and we can do the same for the other one as well.

Okay, so let's draw this out. If I had more time, I would obviously go into a lot more detailing in and would refine my various shapes a lot more as well. Perhaps, now for the bottom part of the figure, men have hips as well, so we need to get hips.

Now, the top half of the legs, if this is the center of the legs here, you need to do a kind of shape like this to indicate the outside of the legs. Obvious