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How To Draw Tom And Jerry

How To Draw Tom And Jerry

This is a detailed video on how to draw the most famous cartoon characters on television, The one and only Tom and Jerry. The video is very easy to follow.

Hello, my name is Jamie Sale and I'm a freelance cartoonist from Essex and I'm going to be teaching you how to draw cartoons. We are going to draw Tom and Jerry. First thing, we will draw Tom and then finally, we will draw Jerry.

So we will start with Tom then. Start with a circle for his head with Tom's sort of shaped hair. It needs to sort of have tufts of hair sticking out there and a slight bulge coming out of the side.

Then you can build the head a little bit more. Then more tufts hair coming out of the top like that, and this has got an ear here which is sort of rather large. From the ear, build some more hair and then do it on the other side as well.

Right then, next your going to add his nose then build up that portion of his face, and then the nose, his mouth is going to be sticking up because he's trying to chase Jerry and he's a little bit annoyed because he can't catch him, so he's huffing and puffing a little bit. So that's going be his mouth and that's the line coming from his nose to his mouth. He's puffing his other cheek out a little bit as well.

This is where you draw his eyes, start them off as circles, then sort of bring them down in a downward motion then extend to his eyebrows. It sort of sticks out of his head slightly and you're going to, this is the iris part of the eye here and then the pupil and he's got very long whiskers. So that is basically Tom and then you just need to go over it in a harder pencil.

Then, were going to shade in his nose but when you do, put a knot in there so it gives it a reflective surface. That is how we draw Tom and now, we're going to draw Jerry. So with Jerry, we start off with a circle again, and his cheeks are puffing out and that's the other part of his cheek there, it's going to be smaller than that though.

He's got significantly bigger ears than Tom, kind of comes around like that. You don't see much of the other one. Outline of his inside ears so much like that.

So then, we add the top part of Jerry's mouth where his nose is as well. And it's best to define this part of the cheek now so it helps you draw the mouth better, so top part of his mouth. So bottom part of his mouth comes from that part of the cheek and it goes down and around.

Extend the cheek out a little bit to compensate for more mouth space, and into there like that, and his outside cheek build up, use this circle as a guide but don't go over that part like that. Do the rest of his head, he's got two tufts of hair coming out, so one tuft of hair there, one tuft of hair there. Go over the ear and now we're going to add in Jerry's eyes, so two sort of squashed, very squashed circles, eyebrows, and two eyelashes, and just go over the eyes again, and then you do his nose same with Tom, leave a little circle there and shade around it.

Same with the inside of his mouth, you can shade that in as well. Then finally with Jerry, you add the whiskers. and that's how you draw both Tom and Jerry. .