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How To Draw Tweety Bird

How To Draw Tweety Bird

This is a video of a freelance cartoonist describing how to draw the cartoon character Tweety Bird. Following his directions step by step will allow you to easily draw this character.

Hello, my name's Jamie Sale and I'm a freelance cartoonist from Essex, and I'm going to be teaching you how to draw cartoons. This is how you draw Tweety Bird from Looney Tunes. Tweety Bird has got a rather large head, so bear that in mind when you are drawing because you need to do that near the top of the page somewhere.

And the mouth at the bottom is represented by these two circles and kind of meet those up as well. Tweety Bird's eyes at the moment just sketching as circles and Tweety Bird's beak at the moment is represented by a circle. Tweety Bird has three hairs on the top of the head.

One of the hairs is on the head, the other two are on the line of the head. And Tweety Bird has eyelashes. That is the sort of basic structure of the head so far and we will get back to that in a minute but firstly, we will do the body.

For the body, draw a circle, for the neck for the time being and a circle here for this part of the body. The body will be down at an angle here so that's the lower body and that's the upper body. They sort of meet each other.

Draw a circle for the shoulders and draw two lines coming from that sort of going slightly inwards and that represents one of the hands. Then coming out from here as well is going to be the other hand. So this is where it gets slightly tricky, draw in some circles for fingers and these fingers are from that arm, there's just another one poking out there from the other hand.

Tweety also has a tail. It's almost as if Tweety is wearing shorts as well on these parts of the upper leg. For Tweety's feet, it's best to draw in circles for the moment as the feet are quite big.

That's when you add in the shapes. That is Tweety Bird sketched in lightly and we will go over that in a second but first of all, we go to the face. Just make more of a shape out of the eyes and then do the iris and the pupil.

Do this eye as well and do the same thing, iris then pupil. Then with the beak, it's a case of an arc at the top then a right angle there, slope in and then back to the lower part of the beak. Just sketch in the face and the head a bit harder.

Again as I said earlier, this hair comes from the head and these two from the line of the head. The pupils can be sketched in and thicken the eyelashes a little bit, do the cheeks and a slight brow there as well. Tweety's chest comes out a little bit there as well.

You don't actually need to draw the shoulders of the arm, it's just put there so you can get the shape of them better. So the actual arm starts up here but you only need to go as far as there and sketch them in. Going over the fingers as well.

And finally the feet. And that is how you draw Tweety Bird. .