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How To Dress Like A Cowgirl

How To Dress Like A Cowgirl

Dress up like a cowgirl for your Halloween party. This video will show you just what you need.

Hi, I am a fashion stylist. I'm here in the heart of East London at the Pattern Market. This area is one of Britain's trendiest areas, there are a lot of fashion designers and people who are heavily industry related.

So let's go inside and I'll show you some things on how to dress. So, you want to dress like a cowgirl. One of the first things that you need to do is get a very good pair of jeans.

Generally, cowgirls wear the closest fitting jeans that they can find, so they can accentuate the curves. Then, you're going to need something that looks particularly tassel-y, something like this. This is a vintage cowgirl shirt.

It's got that Dolly Parton sort of vibe to it, you want to go a bit Conway too about the whole vibe. Cowgirls love to wear something with rhinestones in them as well, especially when you've got all this kind of wonderful embellishment and the detailing on the cuff, etc. So anything with embroidery along the top part of the shirt and cuffs, rhinestones, this one's got rhinestones on too, or again, if you wanted to go for something a little plainer, I know this one isn't ironed, however you got the whole kind of detail on the back.

Another thing cowgirls love are gemum shirts, gemum anything really, but if you're going to go for anything gemum really, with a shirt especially with your skinny jeans, you're going to need to go for a shirt, something like this pretty in pink that's probably got ¾ length sleeves with white collar and cuffs, that's a good look especially if you get it on tied if it's a baggier blouse, you're going to tie it just by the belly. Those are my tips on how to be a cowgirl. .