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How To Dress Like A Drag Queen

How To Dress Like A Drag Queen

Whether you masquerade at midnight as a woman in your wife's clothes, you have a secret, burning desire to sing Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" on stage, or you want to really strut your stuff around town as a full time woman- then VideoJug's Fabulous Fairy Godmother is here to help transform your figure into a beautiful diva!

Step 1: Prep Your Legs

We're going for silky smooth. If you've got a lot of hair, trim it with safety scissors first. Shave – just after a shower is best.

Step 2: Hips and Waists

Hip pads add curves… but thin is in… so it's up to you. Waist cinchers also come in handy---especially if you're a little heavy in the middle.

Step 3: Tuck Your Junk

Down below… you've got something to hide. It's called tucking your junk. Just tuck everything between your legs. Women's underwear are snug and smooth enough to hold it all in place. Support garments like or pantyhose work great too. Better yet, get a gaff. It's custom made for this delicate operation.

Step 4: Boobage

You'll need a good bra. For sizing, measure around your chest a few inches below your nipples. For the cup size, bigger is not better. B or C looks more natural. Anything will fill those cups… but chicken cutlets-or silicone breast enhancers will look and feel real. Cleavage is an illusion, created with pecs and tape. Start by holding in your pecs with one hand. Take a strip of medical tape, and apply it like a sash, running from your underarm to your chest cavity.

Step 5: Your Fit

Skirts hide what you need to hide, they're comfortable and feminine. Choose tops with wider shoulders, longer sleeves, and lowered waistlines for longer torsos.

Step 6: Your Kicks

Nothing makes your legs look better than a pair of high heels… but they're hard to find in big sizes. Cross dressing websites come in really handy here.