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How To Dress Like A Hippie

How To Dress Like A Hippie

This video walks you through the basics of dressing in the Hippie style. It outlines options for tops, bottoms, and accessories for all budgets. Expand your wardrobe (and your mind!) with some tips from a fashion expert.

I'm going to be talking about how to dress like a hippie. You can take ideas from how hippies dressed years ago, which are a little bit out of date now, and use it for a current, up-to-date outfit. I have some jeans here which are high-waisted and have the great flared leg.

These jeans are by 18th Amendment and were actually worn by Cheryl Cole, so obviously very up-to-date, very current, and look great with a tight top. You can even get tops that are tie-dye. These are in fashion, they're on-trend, and they obviously take ideas from how hippies dressed.

Headbands are also a great accessory. They look great if you're going to festivals, or if it's summer. You can get them in various different colors and they look lovely with any outfit.

You hair should definitely be worn loose and free; after all, being a hippie is about being natural. They believe being natural is beautiful. Being a hippie is about expressing yourself and not enhancing yourself, so less is definitely more.

Nude makeup is perfect, as it's really about being free. Being comfortable, as well, is very important. It's a great idea to get clothes from charity shops or markets.

You don't have to spend a fortune, as it's about being comfortable, wearing loose clothing, and being yourself. It's also great if you're creative and you'd like to make your own clothes. Tie-dye especially isn't hard to do, there are various websites online you can look at how to do this.

So remember, when dressing like a hippie you can buy up-to-date jeans, very current designer jeans, or you don't have to spend a fortune, shops like TopShop also have flare-cut which are great. Remember to accessorize, headbands are a must and they look very pretty, especially in the summer. And most importantly, just be yourself, be relaxed, exactly how hippies are. .