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How To Dress Like A Rockstar

How To Dress Like A Rockstar

Stand out from the crowd looking like a rockstar. In this video, a fashion stylist shows you how.

Hi, I am a fashion stylist. I'm here in the heart of East London at the Pattern Market. This area is one of Britain's trendiest areas, there are a lot of fashion designers and people who are heavily industry related.

So let's go inside and I'll show you some things on how to dress. Rockstars are famous for wearing ostentatious outfits. They usually really don't care about what anything else is going on around them or kind of what blazers fit around a kind of jeans and oftentimes, they will wear the jacket.

It could probably be something quite sleek like this. To go with your leather outfit and jeans, etc, you might want to accessorize with some rockstar belt. Usually, black leather with studs, crystals, any other kind of thing on them, quite chunky, generally goes well with the whole kind of rockstar image.

A biker jacket could end up going well. You're probably going to need to turn the collars up, and give it a little bit more kind of edge to your look. Sunglasses are your next option.

Not necessarily these particular ones, but just goes to show you that rockstars would generally end up wearing sunglasses day and night. It doesn't matter, but the thing is that the classic Ray Ban frame is generally quite a rockstar look. You can also go for these aviator style shades, and that would look good with most things anywhere especially with your tousled bed hair look.

Rockstars don't generally care about what's in trend, what's in fashion or anything, they just need to stand out from the crowd and it usually fits with quite an eccentric personality. A good jacket to kind of throw on especially if you want that rockstar look is a jacket that could be like this. Especially if you're a front man, sleeves rolled up right to the elbow, opened shirt, etc.

and you can probably have like a vest underneath it and some shades and some jeans, and put some boots that would probably be just above ankle-length and give it that extra bit of kick to it. And those are a few tips if you want to dress like a rockstar.