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How To Dress Like A Tomboy

How To Dress Like A Tomboy

Fashion stylist Clare Watson shows VideoJug users how to dress like a Tomboy. Taking you through this style step by step, dressing like a Tomboy has never been easier, with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: Don't wear oversized clothes that drown your figure

A classic error is to wear far too baggy clothes so try and avoid this.

Step 2: Wear clothes that flatter your best features

You want to try and find outfits that flatter your best body features, such as a tiny waist or long legs.

Step 3: Avoid sports wear

Men's tracksuit tops show none of your femininity and nothing of your figure. Baggy jeans again don't flatter your legs and sporty trainers could be much more sophisticated. Overall sports wear disguises your entire figure

Step 4: Aim to be comfortable and casual but still feminine

You want to show off your best features, so try and go for a comfortable, casual look which is slightly more feminine.

Step 5: Try tailored trousers as an alternative to jeans

Tailored trousers are slim fitting as they allow more of your leg shape to be seen.

Step 6: Choose fashionable trainers instead of sports trainers

Smarter, but still casual and comfortable trainers make the whole outfit look better.

Step 7: Layer your top half

Create a layering look on your top half, layering a casual t-shirt with a vest. And having detail on the vest gives it a extra feminine touch.

Step 8: You don't have to show a lot of flesh, just remember to choose clothes that suit your shape and size

Your clothes don't have to be fitted, and can still cover a lot of skin as well as disguising certain features you want to hide. The most important thing is to be aware of your body shape and choose clothes that flatter it.