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How To Dress Smart Casual

How To Dress Smart Casual

This video will show you how to be ready for any opportunity that arrives by dressing up smart casual.

Hi, I am a fashion stylist and I'm going to talk to you today about various tips to do with styling. So I'm going to talk to you about how to dress smart casual. The idea of dressing smart casual as I would say on advice is to look relaxed but to look professional, to look kind of professional and well-turned out as possible but without actually having to go through the full look.

It can work, obviously this pertains to both men and women, and there are few ways that you can do that. One of the key ways to do that is by mixing the kind of things which you consider as to be super chic and super sharp, your smart suit with things that are little bit more kind of seen as casual. So, this is a ladies' suit from Armand Betty which is extremely well-cut and is probably something that you'd end up wearing as a trouser suit to work or to a clubhouse or something like that.

But if you were to kind of like wear this in a smart casual way, I would probably go for a plain white pump, no trainers, something like this, just you know, a white tennis shoe with no logos on it or something that might be gray. Try to steer away from black especially when it comes to footwear because sometimes, that can make you look a little bit kind of clumpy, if you wanted the best word especially if they're not direct shoes. So if you were to wear something like a sharp suit like this with a pair of white pumps, I would probably go for a kind of a very plain white t-shirt.

You could even go for something that's a little bit more of a glitzy t-shirt underneath them like that, but use something that's super casual but still in good quality with a sharp suit. So, that concept applies to both men's suits and ladies' suits as well. You can, you know, easy to run around in, you don't have to worry about heels or kind of smart shoes or anything like that, but you're still going to look presentable for any opportunity that comes along.

On the ladies' side of things, this kind of wrap dress is a good option as well. Now, wrap dresses, dresses always kind of like making people always look smart but rather than going for something that's really dressed up – a wrap dress – this one's by a label called Fin, and it's made of, well it's another good quality fabric but it's not too showy, and this is just the kind that would give you an example, obviously you'd change properly, but to show you the idea that within two kind of swift movements, you've got a dress that you can end up throwing on with whatever you want. It could be boots, it could be another pair of heels, etc.

But it's a dress, so you'd end up looking professional, but if it's a fabric that's not too smart that's still super good quality. So, men especially as well, another good look to be smart casual is if you're kind of like if you're jeans lover, etc, and you need to kind of smarten up the look a little bit, go for a good quality pair of jeans, nothing with kind of tears in the knee or stern washed. Go for a nice pair of dark blue or indigo blue denim jeans of a neat fit, a crisp shirt and a blazer on top which will be a great look.

The other kind of look that you could go for when you're using jeans, as well jeans being the casual element, but make sure the shirt is smart and crisp. So, don't go for t-shirts with the jeans, prefer for a crisp shirt and you might want to kind of like put a good quality jumper over the top of that, v-neck cashmere, something like that would be good. Other than that, I mean, I'm wearing smart casual today and it's just a white fitted blouse, my riding trousers and a pair of boots.

So, those are just some ideas on how to dress smart casual.