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How To Dress To Impress Women

How To Dress To Impress Women

Guys, you will never end up looking really sloppy or like you are overdoing it. This video will tell you how to dress to impress the ladies.

Hi, I am a fashion stylist. I'm here in the heart of East London at the Pattern Market. This area is one of Britain's trendiest areas, there are a lot of fashion designers and people who are heavily industry related.

So let's go inside now, and show you some things on how to dress. Guys, if you want to dress to impress women, there's a few things that you should know. Firstly, you should really look at your shoes.

Number one, women always end up looking at your face first, straight down to the shoes, and then they come up in between. Make sure your shoes are kind of clean, and not deal with crazy or wacky laces or anything like that. Also, suits.

One of the worst thing about guys when they try and dress themselves is that you always end up getting the wrong-sized suit. If you're a size 38, don't buy a 40 regular suit. If you're thinking that that's going to make you look a bit more manly or a bit more buffed, it doesn't.

Get the right suit to be able to fit your shape and make sure that it fits properly. Rule number 1. Another thing that is real turn-off for women when guys dress is putting things unnecessarily in pockets.

Do not think that it's cool to kind of stuff your wallet, your keys, your phone, anything in your trousers' pockets. It does not look good and it makes you look like you got fat thighs or fat bottom, and that's not cool. Women are also receptive to smell, so guys, you need to kind of make sure that your body odor is fresh and wear some deodorant, and don't think that the links effect is really going to be capturing a woman's imagination because oftentimes, they overdo it and that's not the key.

Make sure that, you know, subtle things, that's what kind of works for my girl.