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How To Dribble A Basketball

How To Dribble A Basketball

While passing may be the quickest way to move the ball, dribbling is the most individualistic skill of any player. Since the dribble can only begin and stop one time in a player's possession, he should make his dribble count. Any dribble should always have a purpose. Follow these steps to learn how to dribble like a pro.

Step 1: Basic Dribbling

Using your fingertips, bounce the basketball against the floor. Keep your head up so you can see the floor, using your peripheral vision to see your teammates and the defense. Stay as low as possible and keep the basketball close to you so that your defender cannot steal it away. Learn to dribble first with your primary hand and then learn how to dribble with your other hand so that you can eventually use either hand. Never pick up your dribble until you know exactly what you are going to do with the basketball.

Step 2: Advanced Dribbling

Once you've mastered the basics of dribbling, then you can graduate onto the more advanced moves. However, all of these dribbling moves are best perfected by practicing drills before you take them onto the court. There are a varied amount of dribble moves that can be used in basketball, and it's up to your individual style and skill level as to which move to use and at which time. For instance, the crossover dribble is used to make the defender think you are about to charge one direction, but then you quickly switch hands with your dribble and speed towards the opposite direction. While dribbling with your left hand move the basketball to the outside, and position your body to the left as well to insinuate a quick move to the left. As your defender shifts that direction, quickly cross your dribble to your other hand and fly past your defender to the hoop.