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How To Drink Vodka

How To Drink Vodka

This video shows you how to make a simple Vodka cocktail while giving some interesting history of Vodka. Follow along with the easy instructions, and you will be enjoying your own cocktail in no time.

Hi. My name is Alex. I'm the bar manager at 64th and Social.

Today my colleagues and I are going to show you how to drink spirits. Cheers. Today we are going to show you how to drink Vodka.

I'm going to start with Caipiroska. Vodka was first dated back to Russia in the early forty eight hundreds. The Polish soon took over and started making it with potatoes.

Generally Russian Vodka is made with grain, sweet beats and molasses. Today we are going to use a Finnish Vodka making a Caipiroska. We're just going to start with some lime chunks, sugar syrup and some granulated sugar.

I just give that a nice press to get all those juices out. You want to use granulated sugar so you rip all the oil from the lime releasing all those beautiful aromas. After that we get our Vodka.

Double measure. I'm going to use crushed ice just to top it off all the way to the top. You want to give that a good shake so you bruise all the Vodka and give it a nice little murky color.

Full eight ounce. Top that bad boy all the way to the top. Top it with some crushed ice.

There you have it.