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How To Drive A Manual

How To Drive A Manual

This Videojug film will show you how to drive a manual in a few easy steps with clear easy to understand directions.

I'm going to be showing you some different general maintenance and some general driving skills. In this video I'm going to be showing you how to drive a manual transmission car. Now to start with we are going to do key and put it in the ignition.

Check that you have here by shaking your gear stick left and right to make sure it's in neutral. You will want to turn your key to the ignition on. This one's a diesel so you need to give it a few seconds to warm up, you then start your car.

Next thing, you want to push down on the clutch until it's all the way to the floor and select your gear, which is first. You want to be bringing your left foot up until it reaches the biton point, which you will feel the car wants to move. Make sure that your seatbelt is in.

And we are ready to go. Now you bring your foot up to the biton point. Just touch the accelerator , just to get it moving and then bring the clutch all the way up and just use the accelerator to move.

You want to be pushing the clutch down every time you want to change gear. Just select through the gears as you drive off, then go all the way up to fourth gear. Just changing down the gears when you want to slow down using the clutch.

And as the revs pick up just change the gear again, and just as your slowing down just changing down the gears using the clutch and selecting first if you stop. And you don't really want to go all the way down to first if you stop if you can avoid it, just use second. And then to stop just put it in neutral and just pull up the hand brake.

And that's how to drive a manual transmission car. .