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How To Drive Green

How To Drive Green

VideoJug presents a helpful and informative guide on how to drive green. Here are some truly easy ways to help keep your car running green, allowing you to drive your way to a greener and cleaner future.


Don't even think about leaving your driveway without taking some smart pre-start precautions…

Check your tire pressure. Not enough air and your engine has to work harder, using more fuel. And besides, you're also risking a blowout, so make sure to check your tires once a month.

Clean out your car to keep your weight down. All that extra junk-in-the-trunk means you'll have to use more gas to get a move on.

And get this: 1-gallon of gas releases 20 pounds of Carbon Dioxide, the leading cause of Global Warming.


You don't need to be an Indy-500 pit mechanic to help your car run better. By keeping an eye on your engine, you can increase fuel efficiency by 15%, saving you money while helping the planet.

Check and see if your exhaust fumes are clear; dirty exhaust may be a sign that you're not burning fuel efficiently.

Next, check and change your oil regularly. And don't forget to recycle your oil.

Make sure your engine's belts are nice and tight... Check to see that you have enough water in the radiator, and make sure your air filter is clean, improving engine performance while decreasing your fuel needs.

All these simple things will keep your on the road and running clean!


Know where you're going and how to get there.
Not only will this eliminate the embarrassment of stopping and asking for directions, but it will keep you from burning excess fuel.

Don't drive around and waste gas – and your time! Drive to your furthest location first… then make your way back, hitting all of your other stops efficiently.

Gets your friends in on the action by carpooling…

And don't switch cars needlessly… An engine that's already warmed up runs more efficiently than one that's cold.


Yep, even getting gas can be a waste of fuel… A gallon of gasoline weighs 6 pounds, adding to your car's weight. So only fill up your car if you are ¼ tank of gas or lower.

And don't make a special trip just to gas up… Visit the pumps while you're already on the road anyway.


The best way to gauge how “green” you drive is by checking your RPM's. Keeping them low means your car is using the least amount of fuel to get where you're going. So don't “gun it” off the line at a red-light… Take it nice and easy.

Try and avoid traffic… Don't get behind the wheel in bad weather… and give up on that constant quest for the perfect parking spot. Just pick the first one you find and walk. It's healthier for you and our planet.

And slow down! If you drive faster than 55 MPH, your fuel efficiently drops almost 15%. Easy there, Andretti.


Sitting still while your engine runs, or idling, is the easiest way to choke the planet. Idling a car for only 20 seconds emits more CO2 than just stopping and starting it again.

You can also avoid burning excess fuel by shifting into neutral at all stop lights.


Maybe it's time to buy a green car. These days, more and more carmakers sell hybrid vehicles, using gas and electricity… and now they've even make ones that run on ethanol and natural gas! These cars could save you up to $300 every year!

Or you could just take the bus. This would save you up to $500 a year on fuel and keep nearly 300 tons of CO2 from being spewed into our skies!

If you don't have very far to drive – ride your bike. You can burn up to 400 calories per hour.

Follow these simple steps and you can drive your way towards a greener, cleaner future.