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How To Dry Bananas

How To Dry Bananas

This video shows you another way of preparing bananas, by drying it.

Hi, I'm John from Growing Life, London, UK urban and indoor growing specialist. Today, we're going to talk about drying bananas at home. The reason we dry our bananas at home is to stop the bacteria and microorganism spoilage from occurring essentially to stop our food from going off.

You want to evenly cut your bananas so they dry evenly. You place them on the drying rack on a single layer evenly spaced. After about 12 to 24 hours, your bananas should look like this and it would feel livery to the top.

This is still not dry until it slightly cracks. These are great in your cereal and you can keep them in airtight jars to keep them fresh. When drying bananas at home using a food dehydrator, you want to put the setting on 57 degrees Celsius for best results.

Above this temperature, you will spoil the flavour and the goodness of your fruit. I'm John from Growing Life and that's how to dry bananas at home. .