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How To Dry Chives

How To Dry Chives

In this very brief video tutorial, an expert on urban and indoor gardening explains how to preserve your chive plants by drying them.

Hi. My name's John from Growing Life, London, UK, urban and indoor gardening specialists, and we're going today to talk about how to dry chives. Drying chive is a simple process whereby we want to remove the water content from the chive plant to a point that stops bacteria and spoilage microorganisms from forming.

In simple terms, this is to stop your chives going off. So, before we start drying chive, we want to cut just this, from the top section and the bottom section, concentrating on the middle section which is more uniform. Now the best way we've found to dry chive is in a food dehydrator, such as this, which has got an herb setting for 35 degrees Celsius.

Do not exceed this otherwise you'll destroy the flavor and the oils within the plant. Set the dehydrator for 35 degrees and place your washed and prepared chive plant into the dehydrator, and close the tray, and replace the lid on it. The drying time will vary according to the humidity and the temperature of your room, but you might find it's sort of twelve to sixteen hours.

Once the chive is dry, it will become brittle to the touch and will be very, very fragile, so do handle your dried chive with extreme care. And simply transfer it, once it's cool, to an air-tight storage container such as these preserving jars. You should always actually label them, putting the date which you've started to store your chive, just so you can remember how long that you've had them.

My name's John, from Growing Life, London, and that was a brief introduction on how to dry chive. .