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How To Dry Parsley

How To Dry Parsley

Parsley's a popular herb and garnish but here's how you can dry it for future use.

Hi, my name's John from Growing Life, London, UK urban and indoor gardening specialist, and today we're going to talk about how to dry the herb parsley. Parsleys are very popular herb going well in both meats and fish dishes as well as rice and potato. So, what do we need to dry parsley? Well, first of all, we obviously need good healthy parsley plants or parsley which has been bought from a supermarket can be dried.

But first, they need to be washed and before it's dried, any excess water is to be removed between sheets of toilet paper. Having washed our parsley and gently dried it, handle herbs with extreme care at all times because they're very fragile. But remove any excess water, having washed it, between two sheets of kitchen roll.

Having done this, it needs to be carefully transferred in single layers to our preferred method of drying which can either be a vented drying station such as this which we have here. Parsley can also be dried by hanging it in bunches. However, it really does have to be very dry well-vented space.

As you can see here, when it's hung to dry, it tends to lose a little bit more of the colour because the drying process is a lot longer. And here is where it's hung in a space which hasn't got enough ventilation or isn't dry enough. Once you've dried out parsley, it can then be transferred to an airtight storage container which could be a preserving jar such as this or all types of heat-sealed pouch but an airtight container is essential.

My name's John from Growing Life and that was a brief introduction on how to dry parsley. .