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How To Dutch Braid Hair

How To Dutch Braid Hair

Hairdresser Leila Karalic shows you how to dutch braid your hair, which is a hair braiding technique similar to the french braid.

Apply smoothing cream to your hair to calm any frizziness, avoiding the scalp as it'll make the roots greasy.

Make a loose parting from the top of the ears to the middle of your crown.

Divide this piece of hair into 3 sections.

Move the right section under the middle section so the middle section moves to the right. This section should now be added to by taking extra hair from the right side of the head and bringing it into the braid.

Repeat the process on the other side - so the left section moves under the middle, and the middle section is moved to the left and added to with a fine piece of hair from the left.

Use a comb to correct any unevenness and finish the style with more smoothing cream if necessary.