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How To Dye Jeans

How To Dye Jeans

If you're worried about your fading jeans which you might not be able to replace with a new one immediately, then the solution is to dye them.

Hi. I'm Clare Watson, owner of personal styling business, Miss-dress. Today, I'm going to be showing you plenty of tips and tricks on style and lots of fashion advice that you can use for both work and play.

Jeans are always losing their colour and fading and it's always easy just to kind of run out and get a new pair of jeans. But if you want to save yourself a bit of extra cash, then there's one really easy and simple way of refreshing your pair of faded jeans and it's to dye them. Dylon have brought out this amazing product which is a machine dye, so forget about all those messy dyes where it used to dye everything but the clothing and you just simply throw it in the washing machine.

But before you get to the point of dyeing, you've got to think about the jean itself, first of all. Firstly, make sure your jeans are clean. So, they haven't got any stains on them.

Dye wouldn't actually take to stains, it will roll to the colour of them but it won't ever dye a jean an exact same shade or all over, so if you're looking to try out and dye some stains on jeans, this won't work. You are actually going to be better off just buying a new pair. But just make sure they're clean so they're free of mud and whatever else because you need them to be perfectly crisp to be able to allow the dye to take in them perfectly.

So, what you can do is you just fold them up, put them straight into the bottom of the drum and then you simply put a pair of rubber gloves on. Don't forget it is dye so it is easier to be prepared because the last thing you want to do is to start transferring dye around the rest of your house. Just a precaution, put the rubber gloves on and then open up the packet and then simply pour the dye on top of the jeans.

This pack the Dylon have bought out does dye roughly about two pairs of jeans. Don't try and do any more than that because the colour won't come out evenly and it will also come out a lot lighter. I know this from experience because I've done it several times with my jeans and I've also done it several times with too many items in the machine and the dye hasn't taken carefully enough, so learn from my mistake.

You simply put it in and then you set your machine to a normal 40-degree cycle, let it run, and in that time, the jeans will dye. Once that cycle is finished, don't take the jeans out because they will still have quite a lot of dye residue on them. Immediately run the machine again at a normal 40-degree wash and that would then set the dye but also take away any residue left on the jeans as well.

Then, you can take your jeans out and then they're free to dry anywhere that you like. You can put them on radiator, on the clothes horse, and the dye won't transfer. It's most advisable not to dry them in direct sunlight just because once they've been re-dyed, it can sometimes make the item of clothing go a little bit funny in the sun.

So, just make sure you dried them away from direct sunlight, and once you've hung these jeans out to dry, just to ensure that when you put your next load of clothing into the washing machine and nothing gets a horrible colour, just run the machine again at a third final 40-degree wash to ensure that the drum is completely free of residue and it's as simple as that. What's great about these – I always find that it's black jeans that are the ones that get really faded very quickly. The various colours that Dylon do include velvet black like this one which I find perfect for black jeans which are the ones that are notorious for fading ever so quickly.

So, best to use this colour which is called velvet black, but they also do a colour called jeans blue which is perfect if you have a pair of light-ish blue jeans that you want to dye an indigo colour which will be great if you want to refresh that pair of jeans and make it a little bit modern because indigo jeans are definitely the most favourite colour of the moment. But, there are just a few tips on ho