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How To Dye Two Tone Hair

How To Dye Two Tone Hair

This VideoJug film shows how to dye someone's hair in two different tones. Using a zigzag pattern, it gives the client a dye full of dimension.

Today, I'm going to show you how to color hair. Today, we're going to be doing two tone hair. First, we're going to take a zigzag section.

The reason we take a zigzag section is because we don't want a solid straight line of color. I've chosen a medium brown for the top, and we're going to do a deep brown underneath. We're going to start with the deep brown underneath.

And I'm just working backwards to control the hair, being careful not to get color on the client's face. I'm working with the zigzag. It doesn't matter if it blends in a little bit.

I'm going to use a piece of foil to section the hair off and protect the color. Now, I'm going to come through my top section with medium brown - a lighter color for the top. Of course, Raquel's got curls, making it quite big.

Big curly hair - we'll work in larger sections even with highlights. If you take fine sections, the color just blends. We've finished her color application.

You can see we've got the two tones separated by the foil. I'm going to clean up the hairline. We're now going to process the hair for approximately 30 minutes.

We've now processed the hair for approximately 30 minutes. We shampooed it off, conditioned and blow dried and now, we've got our two tone hair. We've got a nice lighter brown on the top and a darker underneath.

It gives it a nice dimension and that's how you dye two tone hair. .