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How To Eat A Mangosteen

How To Eat A Mangosteen

The mangosteen, or King of Fruits, is a rare delicacy that is usually eaten in a particular way. VideoJug shows you how to cut and eat a mangosteen.

Slightly smaller than a tennis ball, a mangosteen consists of a sweet white flesh resembling garlic cloves, surrounded by a hard, inedible skin which turns purple when ripe. The number of petals on the bottom of the mangosteen indicate how many cloves of flesh it will contain. Mangosteens are rarely sold fresh in Western countries, usually only as a gourmet dessert.

Step 1: Cut

Preparing a mangosteen for eating is extremely simple. Using a sharp fruit knife, cut through the skin of the mangosteen in a circle around the centre of the fruit. Only insert the knife deep enough to get through the skin. Once you feel that the knife has reached the cavity containing the flesh, don't cut any deeper as you will be cutting into the flesh. Another way of cutting the skin to make for a more attractive presentation, is to slice off a thin layer of skin in a band around the centre of the fruit, and then cut through the skin in a zigzag pattern to create a jagged edge.

Step 2: Open

Once you have cut all the way round the skin of the mangosteen, you can then simply pull away the bottom part of the skin. Serve the mangosteen like this, with the flesh nestled in the top half of the skin. Then to eat it simply scoop the cloves out with a spoon and enjoy.