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How To Eat Crispy Duck

How To Eat Crispy Duck

Crispy duck, also known as crispy aromatic duck, is a dish widely served in Chinese restaurants. There is a particular method of eating crispy duck, and this film will show you how.

Many people enjoy crispy duck because there is a particular way of eating it, which involves the diner doing the final stages of the preparation them self at the table. Crispy duck is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Peking Duck, which is actually a different style of duck dish. Diners who have never had the crispy duck experience before may not know what to do with the various ingredients they are served with, so this is how to eat crispy duck in the traditional method:

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 fried crispy duck torn into strips
  • 1 warm thin pan-cakes
  • 1 cucumber cut into long strips
  • 1 spring onion
  • 1 plum sauce or hoisin sauce.

Step 2: The Pancake

Take a pancake from the basket and place it onto your plate. Then dish up some plum sauce with a spoon and spread it onto the pancake. Remember that the sauce has quite a strong flavour, so an excessive amount will overpower the flavour of the duck. If at any time during the meal you run out of pancakes, it is customary to ask the waiter to bring more pancakes.

Step 3: The Filling

Pick up some strips of cucumber and spring onion with your chopsticks and place them in a line across the centre of the pancake. Then do the same with the strips of duck, placing them on top of the cucumber and onion. Remember that if you are dishing up from a shared bowl in the middle of the table, it is good manners to pick up food with the wide end of your chopsticks. Don't be greedy and put too much food onto your pancake, as this will make it difficult to roll up.

Step 4: Roll

The final stage is to roll the food up inside the pancake into a sausage shape, taking care not to break the pancake. Then pick it up in your hands, take a bite, and enjoy the delicious combination of flavours.