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How To Eat Lobster

How To Eat Lobster

How To Eat Lobster. Being served with a whole lobster can be intimidating. Watch the VideoJug guide on how to take a lobster apart, remove the meat, and eat it.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 lobster cracker
  • 1 spatula or lobster pick
  • 1 plate for discarding pieces of shell and bone in
  • 1 cooked, whole lobster

Step 2: Claws

Start by breaking off the claws. Pull the claw down and away from the body to remove it. After cracking the shell of the claw with the lobster cracker, pick out the soft white meat with the spatula. Break the claw at the joint so you can get to all the meat. You can either put the meat aside on a plate until you have removed the meat from the entire lobster, or eat it as you go along. Discard pieces of shell and cartilage in a separate plate.

Step 3: Legs

Next pull the legs off the lobster, and remove the meat in roughly the same way as the claws. Pick away the shell to reveal the meat, or use a toothpick to loosen the meat and then suck it out.

Step 4: Tail

With the lobster upside down, cut incisions in the underside of the tail. Pull the shell of the tail open and pull the tail meat out in one big piece. Most of a lobster's meat is found in the tail and claws, but there is also some white meat to be found in the main body.

Step 5: Body

Cut incisions in the underside of the body and pull the shell of the main body open. Pick out any pieces of white meat that you can find. This is also where the brains and intestines are located, and while these are edible, some people choose not to eat them.

Once you've removed the lobster meat, you can give your fingers a quick wash in a finger bowl of warm water and lemon. You're now ready to eat your lobster meat with a simple side salad, a squeeze of lemon juice and salt and pepper, or in the method of your choice.