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How To Enable JavaScript

How To Enable JavaScript

What is JavaScript, and how do you turn it on? This little film explains what you need to know to enable Javascript.

Step 1: Using Internet Explorer

Click on the Tools drop down menu and select Internet Options. Click on the security tab. Click custom level. Scroll through the menu to the section labelled Scripting. Under the heading Active Scripting select enable. Click OK.

Step 2: Using Mozilla Firefox 2.0

Go to the Tools menu. Select Options. Click on the content icon in the top panel. Tick the box to enable JavaScript. To customise the settings, click the advanced button to the right-hand side of the JavaScript checked box . This opens the advance JavaScript Options box. Tick the options that you want to allow. Click OK and then OK to save changes.

Step 3: Using Opera

Open the Tools drop down menu and choose Quick Preferences. Click on Enable JavaScript.

Step 4: Using Apple Safari

Click on the Safari drop down menu. Choose preferences and then select the security icon. Tick the box to enable java script.