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How To Entertain The Kids On A Long Haul Flight

How To Entertain The Kids On A Long Haul Flight

VideoJug gives you all you need to know to stay sane and keep your children happy on a long haul flight. Entertain them with our help, and let that flight pass by without a hitch.

Step 1: You will need

  • Plenty of toys and games
  • Plenty of fluids and unsugary snacks
  • Tissues and baby wipes
  • Lots of layered clothing so they can warm up and cool down easily

Step 2: Night flights

There is never an ideal time to fly long haul, but if you fly through the night, there is more of a chance that your child will sleep through at least some of the journey.

Step 3: In-flight entertainment

Many larger airlines have in-flight entertainment such as films, music and even children's channels. If this isn't available, bring an MP3 player, or anything you can lay your hands on, that your child will listen to and give you a moment's peace. Try audio books as well as music.

Step 4: Variety

Children hate being restricted. Once they're strapped in, they can't pick up toys they've dropped, or move about and look around as much as they want to. A child on a long-haul flight is a time bomb of energy. Vary activities as much as possible. Alternate between playing music, giving out snacks, playing with toys and reading books.

Step 5: Toys and Games

Surprise and reward children for their patience on long journeys. Wrap up a new toy and present them with it once you're on the plane - it's a shameless bribery, but it may work. Depending on your child's age, remember to pack some portable games such as etch-a-sketch or portable computer games and plenty of AA batteries.

If none of this is successful, tell them that if they don't behave themselves, you'll press a secret ejector button which will propel them out of the plane so they will plummet to earth at a terminal velocity of 121 miles an hour.

Enjoy your flight!