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How To Evolve Gligar

How To Evolve Gligar

Pokemon expert Charles Scott, an administrator at the Pika Club, shows you how to evolve Gligar and how to find a Razor Fang.


Gligar is the fly-scorpion Pokemon, a Ground/Flying type and is no. 207 in the National Pokedex. It was introduced in Gold, Silver and Crystal versions of the game and was a non-evolution Pokemon until the release of Diamond and Pearl, in which it gained an evolution.

Gligar evolves when holding the Razor Fang. You need to equip the Pokemon with the item. When you level up Gligar in the night (between 8pm and 4am) while holding this item, it will evolve into Gliscor.

Razor Fangs can be found in a variety of locations. In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, you'll find a Razor Fang on Route 225. In Diamond and Pearl, you will also find one lying around the Battle Park. In Platinum, you will also find one lying around Route 214. In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you will be able to buy a Razor Fang in the Battle Tower or the Battle Frontier shop, depending on which game you're playing. You'll need to exhange points you make in the Battle Tower or Factory modes in order to buy one. Razor Fangs can also be purchased in the Battle Subway. One can also be found on Route 13 and in the Abundant Shrine.