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How To Evolve Magmar

How To Evolve Magmar

Want to know how to evolve your Magmar Pokemon? In this step by step guide Charles Scott, administrator at the Pikka Club, explains how to do it in every version of the Pokemon game.


Magmar is number 126 in the National Pokedex, a Spitfire Pokémon of the Fire type. It was introduced in Red and Blue, but its evolutions were not introduced until later games. In Gold, Silver and Crystal Magmar gained a prevolution, Magby, which evolves into Magmar at level 30.

In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Magmar gained its final evolution: Magmortar. In order to evolve a Magmar into a Magmortar you will need to trade your Magmar equipped with a Magmarizer item; it will evolve on completion of the trade.

In Diamond and Pearl you can find the Magmarizer item on a wild Magby; these are only found in the wild when you plug Ruby into the GBA slot of your DS. There is also a small chance of finding a Magmarizer on a wild Magmar. The best way to do this is to use a Pokémon with the Frisk ability; this will allow you to see what items an enemy Pokémon has.

In Pokémon Platinum there is a Magmarizer on route 214.

In HeartGold and SoulSilver there is one on Cinnabar Island.

In Black and White there is one on route 13.