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How To: Eye Stye Treatment

How To: Eye Stye Treatment

In this video from Videojug, Dr. Ellie Cannon, a GP and Health Writer is describing about eye stye treatment. She has explained about the warm compress treatment which one can do from home and the things to be taken care about it.

I am a GP and a Health Writer and today I am going to talk to you about how to treat a stye. A stye is a type of eye infection that actually occurs not on the eye itself but the eye lid. What happens is some bacteria gets into one of the eye lash follicles and you basically gets a little spot on the eye just like you can do on any other part of the skin.

And these can feel itchy and tender and sometimes painful. And there are some things to do home to get rid of a stye. Firstly most sties actually donâ't need any treatment.

So that is really important to know that actually a stye will go away itself after three to four days. So if you just notice the spot and it is not really bothering you and it is not particularly uncomfortable and then it is fine to leave it because it goes itself within three to four days. The most well recognized treatment for a stye is actually to use what we call a warm compress.

What you do is, you take a clean flannel and you run it under hot water until the flannel itself becomes hot. And you place that over the eye as long as it is not too hot. You must feel comfortable.

You place that over the eye for between five or ten minutes and you do that three or four times a day. The idea of that treatment is that it allows the infection to drain away and that actually is the most effective way to get rid of a stye. What you can also do to help that treatment if you know the stye is very outside of the eye, if there is an eyelash there in the middle of the stye.

You can carefully pluck that eyelash and that allows the infection to drain away. Obviously there is something enough to be very careful with and only do if you really can see the stye is at the base of an eyelash. I would never recommend squeezing a stye.

A really important message I want to tell you about styes is you do not need antibiotic treatment for a stye. So you should not be given antibiotic eye drops or antibiotic eye cream either by the GP or the Pharamacists for a normal stye because that is an unnecessary treatment and we know that actually the warm compress that I have described is the most effective way to get rid of a stye. The other things you shouldnâ't do with a stye is you shouldâ'nt wear your contact lenses , you shouldnâ't wear your make-up and you should avoid touching the eye apart from doing the warm compresses and that is how to treat a stye.

Remember warm compresses and no antibiotics. .